Media relations

The print, broadcast and online media can play a major part in the success or failure of a communications programme. We know how the media thinks and works and will develop and maintain effective working relationships with editors, journalists and content managers to deliver results. We can secure positive media coverage for your organisation, products or services.

Public affairs and lobbying

Mistral has public affairs specialists in Whitehall and, through our Enviroconnect network, in the devolved administrations. They use their knowledge of politics and legislative issues to offer strategic advice and lobbying services to our clients. Keeping abreast of political developments and reaching the right contacts depending on the issues at stake is their skill. We help clients anticipate and respond to political challenges – and remain at the forefront of the issues affecting their industries.

Community consultation

We recognise the value of public engagement and winning public support. We know how to engage the public, listen and explain at a public exhibition, in literature or in local or online media. Tools at your disposal include brochures, flyers, exhibitions, face-to-face meetings, consultation websites and DVDs, podcasts and other modern methods. We call it integrated communications.

Market research

We know our specialist sectors inside out. And we know how to gather more information to fill gaps in your plan, find best-kept secrets and understand audiences even better. We understand how market research can be used to dig deep so we deliver the right message for you in the right way and to maximum advantage.

Corporate communications

We make sure that the right messages reach all your stakeholders – shareholders, staffs, customers, prospects and their influencers. Planning and implementing the most effective way to deliver your message to the people that matter, both within and beyond your organisation, is our skill.

Media training

Our experienced media training team – we have in-house and external resources – will give you the confidence and skills you need to make the most of every interview opportunity. Combining theory with interview practice and constructive feedback, our tailor-made courses help you express issues in your chosen sectors.

Local lobbying in support of planning

For planning applications we gather and audit information, familiarise ourselves with the local situation and help you set the agenda. We help planners, committee members and influencers view a situation from your perspective and, when faced with opposition, we will redress the balance.

Crisis and issues management

The world just loves to turn a drama into a crisis. Our role is to help you prepare for the worst, manage reality and live to tell the tale. Protecting your share price, the chief exec, the brand or the customer is often down to how you communicate at difficult times. Your ability to remain calm during a crisis or the handling of an issue can be enhanced by our level-headed approach. We’ve probably been there before.

Measurement and evaluation

We understand the need to demonstrate ROI. We set clear communication objectives to meet your business goals and measure outputs, out-takes and outcomes to evaluate a successful communications partnership.

Corporate social responsibility reporting

An increasing number of organisations are recognising the benefit of being transparent about their activities. Mistral can produce comprehensive, GRI-indexed annual reports. These allow stakeholders to understand your environmental and social credentials, the improvements you are making, and your aims for responsible business performance now and in the future.

What we can do for you

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